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(Popularity: 98) I found out my boyfriend had sex with a sex doll. what should I do?

It’s more frequent than you. The internet is full of men lamenting that their significant other isn’t in the mood as often as they do. To give you a point of reference: In my twenties, my personal preference was to have sex 4 times a day. For most of us men in this situation, the problem is solved manually, by mistake. Using sex dolls is a more expensive solution, requires more preparation and planning, and is therefore less common. Two advantages of sex dolls are: (1) it is a more immersive experience involving more physical contact and movement; (2) it is arguably different from masturbation. Some men have a hang-up with masturbation, possibly religious, so sex dolls might be a way to solve this problem. So how would you react? Would you be jealous of rubber products? Would you be jealous of his hands? Please, it’s not like he’s emotionally investing in himself; he’s scratching at a strong physical itching. If I could risk another guess: if given a choice, he’ll like you more. The doll is his replacement, just because he can’t get you as much as he wants. Your options, then, are to (1) give him more nookies or some “easier” alternative relief; (2) force him to expel the doll, and possibly reduce his self-help; or (3) tolerate his solution, Provided you continue to be his No. 1, he will be fairly cautious and hygienic about his No. 2.Just for the record, and of course

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